St. Columcille’s Well

St. Columcille’s Well

St. Columcille’s Well

A lovely lane winds its way down to Columcille’s Well.  This is a great place to sit and enjoy a quiet moment. Throw a coin in the well and make a wish!

“Holy wells” abound throughout Ireland and the earlier customs were associated with pagan deities.  Many early Christian sites were constructed near these wells.

In 1006 AD, when the Book of Kells was stolen from the monastery, it was found in a field near this Well, without its jewel encrusted cover.

Entrance to the Well is on the Oldcastle Road (R163) out of Kells just on the left hand side where one will see a sign and a wrought iron gate and a lane-way that leads to the Well.

Thanks to the efforts of the Kells Archaeological & Historical Society and the willingness of the landowner, together with grant aid from Kells Town Council, the this lane-way has been accessible and maintained since 2011.

The annual Pattern Day (pattern day: a date dedicated to a patron “saint”) is celebrated on the 9th of June, the anniversary of Columcille’s death in 597 AD, and the Kells Silver Band (the oldest brass band in Co. Meath) have played at the Well on this date since 1843.

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